Electric City Couture! May 22 2014

  Last month the 2104 Electric City Couture fashion show went off without a hitch once again! This year's show had a new location, new designs and many new memories! 

  The show was hosted at the Universal Preservation Hall, in Saratoga Springs New York. It was a beautiful venue that gave us a great space to showcase our 2014 Fall collection. Bravo to the show's producers; Corey Aldrich, Alyssa Hardy and Claire Harris who did an absolutely amazing job. This was a huge production and a sold out show that took months in the making. The lights and sounds crew, photographers and everyone else who gave their time and talent to make the show a success; we thank you so much for all the hard work you guys put in.   

  This years line up of fabulous models included; Allegra Fasulo, Brittany Drahos, Jenna Clarke, Jessica Hardy, Kathleen Faulkner and Maiya Genovesi. The attitude of the show was to portray confident and powerful women. These girls brought the show and clothes to life!  A big thank you to Shapes and Colors salon; your talented team made these girls stand out and look incredible! 

  Another tremendous thank you to all the backstage helpers from BOCES Global Fashion Studies Program. You girls did a wonderful job of helping with last minute tasks and making the show go smoothly! 

For more coverage of Kristina Collins Clothing at the Electric City Couture show please visit our facebook page, and shop the new Kristina Collins Collection at kristinacollinsclothing.myshopify.com